General thoughts on food/accommodation/all our woes

I have a bit of spare time here on free internet, so I thought I’d write a little bit about the stuff we haven’t mentioned yet but which have been important aspects of the trip so far:

  • The food: Its been good mostly, especially in Indonesia, where we were well fed on rice with tasty veggie dishes and lots of fish. Eddie has discovered he actually likes most fish and is now a committed tuna lover. You get gorgeous banana pancakes for breakfast everywhere in Indo, often followed by fresh fruit, so it quickly became our favorite meal of the day! Here in Malyasia, the food’s been grand but generally not as tasty as Indo. And almost everything we’ve eaten here has been greasy. They like to fry.  So we’re probably piling on the pounds. But still, I just had a tiger prawn curry and it was extremely tasty! Not too fatty either I suspect, but it was relatively expensive at an extravagant €4. Its very hard to stick to a budget here; when its the difference between €2 or €4 you tend to think what the heck, let’s go for something nice!
  • The ailments: Yes there has been a wee bit of vomit, diarrhoea and constipation but then it passes and is quickly forgotten. Thankfully, we haven’t had anything more serious, but we have been careful to avoid any really dodgy-looking food places/stalls. There’s also been lots of swollen itchy mozzie bites (mainly on me), and a bit of severe sunburn owing to our anti-Malaria medication which makes us burn easier. But all in all, we’re holding up well. Really, don’t feel too sorry for us…
  • The accommodation:  I have to say we’ve been pretty good to ourselves. Again when the choice is the difference of 4 or 5 euro we tend to say’ what the heck, let’s not stay in a dorm’/ ‘let’s have hot, fresh water’ / ‘let’s have air con or at least a decent fan’. In general, its been cheap and cheerful, but clean(ish). There’s been some fab places intermittently which I have mentioned along the way, mainly to recommend to anyone who happens upon this blog who is travelling the same road (and its well travelled – we have met the same couple three times by pure co-incidence since we got to Borneo).

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2 Responses to “General thoughts on food/accommodation/all our woes”

  1. Lisa Rushmere Says:

    Hey Eddie, Maria sent on your link – looks fab, went to Ubud myself and spent a while in Bali and Lombok too – got our bike stolen in Lombok and had a pretty scary exp. as the police took our passports and we could not leave until we paid for the bike – nightmare – my friend had got it from a guy at the beach shacks we were in and didn’t go to a big company – so silly – anyway – how did you find Lombok? We found the most wonderful beaches but still very rural and found it less friendly than Bali. Anyway, enjoy, beats working in Ireland anyday. Lisa.

  2. eddie Says:

    Hi Lisa!
    We really enjoyed Indonesia but didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Lombok apart from Gili Trawangan. Java was really nice and laid back but every place had its good points!

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