Riona’s first ever blog entry, from Hong Kong

Greetings from Hong Kong, friends and relatives! Eddie and I have just had our first full day here and we both love it. I am definitely returning some day to shop, shop, shop – I have seen so many cool clothes that would cost a fortune at home! Of course I can’t buy any unless I want to buy a larger rucksack. Even Eddie remarked “Yeah they have good fashion here” when I pointed out the 100th deadliest top I’d seen! I had a little giggle, waiting for him to remark next on how “stylish” they were!

The whole place is so alive, it’s a really big proper city, it makes Dublin look like Ballyh! Its very easy get around and because of the British thing, lots of shops, prices, menus and signs etc. are in English, which does make it much more accessible for the average Westerner. The plan for tomorrow is to do a tour of the place, getting up much earlier than today – I slept in ’til 2pm, I’m blaming it on the jet lag.

Anyway, I have no idea how to end a blog entry (I’m pretty sure you don’t say goodbye) so I’ll just stop writing now!


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  1. Maria Says:

    Hello Hong Kongs!!
    Sounds pretty good so far, its a pity to miss all the shopping and you could do some for me while your out there he he, why not post a box home ?? its much cheaper to send to northern ireland!! …i promise i’ll keep all your tops safe for you Riona..
    Where’s the next stop???

  2. Ains Says:

    Hey there you two…well done Ri on the 1st blog entry. Well sounds like one big adventure already and it’s only been a couple of weeks….imagine all that you will have seen and done in 6 months! Im enjoying my travels around the west and there are plenty of evenings free for surfing and the like…Dublin is like a distant memory. Now that I know of the blog I will be checking in on your adventures regularly.
    Have fun kids x x x

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