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Riona’s first ever blog entry, from Hong Kong

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Greetings from Hong Kong, friends and relatives! Eddie and I have just had our first full day here and we both love it. I am definitely returning some day to shop, shop, shop – I have seen so many cool clothes that would cost a fortune at home! Of course I can’t buy any unless I want to buy a larger rucksack. Even Eddie remarked “Yeah they have good fashion here” when I pointed out the 100th deadliest top I’d seen! I had a little giggle, waiting for him to remark next on how “stylish” they were!

The whole place is so alive, it’s a really big proper city, it makes Dublin look like Ballyh! Its very easy get around and because of the British thing, lots of shops, prices, menus and signs etc. are in English, which does make it much more accessible for the average Westerner. The plan for tomorrow is to do a tour of the place, getting up much earlier than today – I slept in ’til 2pm, I’m blaming it on the jet lag.

Anyway, I have no idea how to end a blog entry (I’m pretty sure you don’t say goodbye) so I’ll just stop writing now!

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Honk Kong Pong

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Well, we’ve had our first full day here, and the verdict is in, Hong Kong kicks ass! It’s like a cross between New York and some big Asian city (although never having been to some big Asian city, I’m only guessing that part) full of bright lights, cheap clothes (especially for the ladyfolk) and is open 24/7. The weather’s been crap since we arrived – very warm and very wet, but you can get around most places without getting soaked as the footpaths are mostly sheltered. We spent most of today looking around the shops and markets – we went to one bargain basement sale where you could pick up Cork and Roscommon G.A.A jerseys for about €8, they mustn’t be selling very well at home :-)

Hong Kong Skyline


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Honk Kong Fuey!

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

We’ve arrived in our first port of call – after months of anticipating, our holiday has finally started, yay! Honk Kong looks like an amazing city, but we haven’t had time to do much exploring yet. We arrived in last night and didn’t do much except eat and walk around the area we’re staying in (Fortress Hill area of Hong Kong island). The hostel, Yes Inn, is nice, clean and quite central, and it’s in a building called ‘Rialto Mansion’ which is right down Ri’s street! We’re on the 11th floor which isn’t too high up in this city, and its costing us about €90 for three nights for the two of us, in our own room. Hong Kong isn’t considered a cheap city, especially compared to other Aisan cities, but your euro goes pretty far here. We kind of cheated last night and ate Thai food, but it was lovely and the king prawns Ri had were about the size of her forearm :-) I’m not nearly as adventurous with food as some people, but I’ll have a go at some of the local stuff before we go!

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