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Honk Kong Fuey!

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

We’ve arrived in our first port of call – after months of anticipating, our holiday has finally started, yay! Honk Kong looks like an amazing city, but we haven’t had time to do much exploring yet. We arrived in last night and didn’t do much except eat and walk around the area we’re staying in (Fortress Hill area of Hong Kong island). The hostel, Yes Inn, is nice, clean and quite central, and it’s in a building called ‘Rialto Mansion’ which is right down Ri’s street! We’re on the 11th floor which isn’t too high up in this city, and its costing us about €90 for three nights for the two of us, in our own room. Hong Kong isn’t considered a cheap city, especially compared to other Aisan cities, but your euro goes pretty far here. We kind of cheated last night and ate Thai food, but it was lovely and the king prawns Ri had were about the size of her forearm :-) I’m not nearly as adventurous with food as some people, but I’ll have a go at some of the local stuff before we go!

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