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2009 Irish Blog Awards NomineeLickablewallpaper had made it to the longlists for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards and we’re really stoked! There are some great blogs listed which I’ve been spending a lot of time reading over the last few weeks. The awards take place on the 21st down in Cork and I’m looking forward to putting faces to some of the names I’ve become familiar with :-) Congrats to my gansta-knitting pal Laura for getting longlisted and kudos to Damien Mulley and the sponsors for organising the whole thing.


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  1. Glenn Says:

    Good stuff about getting on the list.

    Heh there is one pic of a bird you took in Borneo I think…its all colourful and seems quite small. It could be quite rare, you should check it out with some bird expert.

  2. Eddie Says:

    That’s Riona. She’s very rare, one of a kind – got a great colour when we were away.

  3. Bionic Laura Says:

    Ah ha so this your blog. Well done on the list. You have some amazing photos on here. I must read more of your adventures.

    Oh and I love the graphics.

  4. heather Says:

    Hello Eddie!

    I wasn’t sure if you’d prefer to have your website here or your Twitter address on the Open Coffee Sligo attendees page. So I added both! Sorry for the delay in getting this linked.

    We’ll be meeting on the 7th of May. Do you think you’ll make it?

  5. Belinda Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your blog … a few lifetimes ago I used to own this url and I really love what you’ve done with it! Your photos especially are amazing! All the best .. Belinda

  6. Eddie Says:

    Hey Belinda, thanks for the kind words, its nice to see folk enjoying it :-)

  7. Michelle Says:

    Hey there,
    Congrats on the Blog Awards. What a wonderful achievement.

    This is such a great site, have loved looking at all your travel pics. Well done to you Eddie, you deserve it.

    Love and kisses
    The Bendell’s

  8. Feargus Says:

    Hi Eddie and Riona. Great blog don’t know you Riona but met Eddie a few times. Well done on the longlist but major kudos on the travelling and reports. It helps those of us grounded here to travel vicariously (hope I spelt that right)

  9. Eddie Says:

    Hey thanks Feargus! We didn’t get pas the longlists at the awards but it was nice to be part of them, you should take a trip down to next years event,

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